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Female executives are
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How Kristina can help

  • You’re ambitious and you want to make a greater impact?
  • Struggling with the work-life juggle and suffering from overwhelm?
  • Want to increase your presence so you're heard and respected?
  • Need to improve your leadership skills and get great results?
  • Wondering whether you're in the right place and the right role?
  • Dealing with toxic colleagues, managers or subordinates?
  • Need help dealing with the fallout of a controversial decision?

Benefits of Coaching

Coached individuals have achieved the following improvements:
Kristina Leroux CoachingKristina Leroux Coaching

Women in the workplace and why coaching is so important

Kristina Leroux Coaching women in the workplace statistics


have considered leaving their workplace or downshifting their careers due to burnout

Kristina Leroux Coaching women in the workplace statistics


urgently need to learn new digital skills to keep up with current demands of their role

Kristina Leroux Coaching women in the workplace statistics


is the economic cost of gender inequality globally

Kristina Leroux Coaching women in the workplace statistics


to close the global gender gap at the current rate of progress

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Female executives

Professional women, current executives.

Aspiring women

First time managers and leaders.

Male allies

Colleagues wanting to drive change.

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What Kristina's clients say

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Lisa Clunie

Branding Coach & Mentor

I met Kristina at a network and we hit it off straight way, we shared the same passions and values to help people. Both of us had come from corporate backgrounds and similar personal life challenges and then we ended up advising and helping each other with business ideas (mentoring each other) Kristina has a wealth of knowledge and has a passion for always learning and developing her skills.

Kevin Matthews

Project Management Professional

"I have been leading large military organisations for 30 years but I constantly learn something new about leading and managing from Kristina. Her wisdom, insight and experience are invaluable and will greatly benefit any organisation that is fortunate enough to have her on their team."


If you still have some questions, have a look below

What is coaching?

ICF (International Coaching Federation) defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximise their personal and professional potential. With coaching you will learn to ask yourself the right questions and learn the power of creating insights to resolve issues and energise your actions. The process of coaching often unlocks previously untapped sources of imagination, productivity and leadership. We all have goals we want to reach, challenges we're striving to overcome and times when we feel stuck. Partnering with a coach can change your life, setting you on a path to greater personal and professional fulfilment.

How does  coaching  compare with other practices such as training, mentoring, advising, counselling?

This is best answered by describing the alternatives. Training is to teach a skill. Mentoring is direct sharing of experiences and insights to support you. Advising or consultancy is bringing you advice. This is usually best used to design or improve strategies, processes, culture, organisations. Counselling is a codified psychological assistance for more complex behavioural issues which go beyond coaching.

How much is coaching with Kristina?

This is discussed during a free, no obligation 'discovery' call. Book it here.

Where are sessions held?

They can be virtual or in person in Winchester or London.

How long does a coaching session last?

All sessions are 1 hour long.

How often are the coaching sessions held?

This depends on the programme that you choose:
Grow - Once a month for six months.
Goal - Six sessions, dates driven by you.
Support - Ongoing sessions, dates driven by you.

Do I need coaching?

If you are  feeling stuck, unfulfilled and without a clear purpose, struggling with the work-life juggle and suffering from overwhelm or wondering whether you're in the right job and the right organisation, coaching will help.

You might want to increase your presence so you’re heard and respected, or feel that you need to improve your effectiveness as a leader, coaching will help with this too.

If you are struggling with something more specific like dealing with the fallout of a controversial decision or toxic colleagues, managers, or subordinates, Kristina will help you navigate your way through.  

What would be the ideal duration of a coaching engagement?

This really depends on the complexity of the objective. If the objective is very tactical or situation related, it’s better to think about six sessions over a period of time, usually six months maximum. The frequency is usually less than every two weeks so that the client can have full benefit of reflection between sessions. Kristina will usually let the you determine when you would like to schedule your next session, tying it to something specific that is happening or has happened at work. If the subject is of greater purpose such as “I want to grow my leadership style and skills”, then you would schedule either weekly or bi-weekly sessions, again over six months. The final structure is a retainer basis, whereby you would schedule ad hoc sessions on a high priority basis, again within a six month basis. In each case, and upon mutual agreement, the engagements can be renewed.

How will I know I have benefited from Kristina's coaching?

Throughout the engagement, you will no doubt reach various insights or “ah-ha” moments. Kristina will always help you to anchor those insights and record them for recall in future sessions and especially during the last session when you talk about an action plan.

Will Kristina work with my company; I have access to coaching as a benefit?

How wonderful that your company has put this in place. It usually works in two ways. Either your employer has a budget to pay for a coach of your choice, or they have contracted with one or more coaches to provide the service. Kristina can operate on either a personal or company contract.  

What should I expect from a coaching engagement?

Aside from The Coaching Journey described above, you and Kristina establish a contract which generally outlines the elements of coaching, including such elements as the logistics, and the ethical/confidentiality guidelines. You also establish the subject of the engagement in broad terms and then agree a set number of sessions in which I think we can productively cover the subject and desired outcome. Kristina's role is to guide you through the process aiming to progress towards the objective identified in our contract, aware that sometimes, the insights occur outside of the session. You will find that your mind will be working,  between sessions.  When we then meet, you can share your thoughts as we continue to constructively evaluate your current situation, while  delving deeper into your understanding of the issues and beliefs so that we can make progress towards your goal.

How will I know if Kristina is the right coach for me?

You will have already felt that she understands your request and has already added value to your thinking during the initial explorative session. You should feel a connection personally, be comfortable with her and the personality she projects through your session and here on the website. You will already be feeling the value of her methodology and contribution and be starting to realise the insights that might arise during or between sessions from conscious and subconscious thinking, prompted by the work done in the sessions.

How much work will I have to do between sessions?

You might have some homework in the form of worksheets, or reading. Mostly, you will be thinking about what has transpired since the last session and planning your contributions during the next session.