Debbie Waskow OBE, British entrepreneur, on equality in the workplace

Flexibility is the key.

Flexibility trumps all work 'perks'

Companies need to create a workplace where women can thrive.

It’s the only way to retain top female talent.

On the bright side…

More women are re-evaluating their values & priorities, switching industries or starting their own businesses.

Entrepreneurship carries it’s own set of risks.

But so does remaining in an unfulfilling role within a misaligned company.

There’s a lot of work to be done if women are to be paid, respected & treated equally in the workplace…

But one thing that’s top of the list & helps everyone?


With the various burdens of responsibility women face, flexibility trumps all work ‘perks’ in considerations of job mobility.

Are we surprised?

Debbie Waskow, OBE