Debbie Waskow OBE, British entrepreneur, on confidence

Wise words from the British entrepreneur and former CEO of Love Home Swap and co-founder of AllBright, a club and community that celebrates and connects women at work.

Confidence is not something you inherit.

It’s not in your DNA.

It’s not handed to you by your employer.

It’s not learnt by saying affirmations in the mirror.  

Confidence can be built and it can be shattered.

But you are the only person responsible for ensuring you protect your own.

Being confident is a conscious choice.

Once you get into the habit of dismissing your instinctive fear of failure, rejection or regret…

You start to re-wire your neural pathways.

And in time, you’ll exude confidence, calmness & rationality instead of coming across as shy or defensive.

Practice confidence every day and you’ll soon realise you were always ‘enough’.

Debbie Waskow, OBE